Monday, December 28, 2009

The Beginning of Christmas?

♫ “Silent Night” ♫
♫ “Angels We Have Heard On High” ♫
♫ “O Come All Ye Faithful” ♫

Whenever we talk or sing about Jesus’ birth, we usually begin with shepherds in the field or a stable or wise men seeking the baby. But the story began long before that – before the first light shone forth from any star, before any planet was given shape, God the Creator made the decision to redeem a Creation he had not yet even fashioned. He would redeem it with the only gift, the only sacrifice which was capable of covering the wickedness which the Creation, and you and I, would create … the gift of Himself

~ I Pet 1:18-20

~ Eph 1:3-4

And immediately after man fell in the garden, the decision made long before was proclaimed as a promise to all of creation …

~ Gen 3:14-15

The LORD’s plan to fulfill that promise included setting aside one special nation, Israel, to teach them about His holiness, about sacrifice, and to make them utterly dependent on Him. Over and over again He reiterated the promise of the coming Savior to Israel …

~ Jer 23:5-6

It was further revealed that the Offspring promised to creation in the garden would be made known as a child …

~ Isa 7:14

~ Isa 9:6-7

And so Israel waited for the fulfillment of the Covenant and the promise…

♫ “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” ♫
♫ “Covenant of Love” ♫
♫ “Days of Elijah” ♫

But before that child could be born in that stable, another decision had to be made by the Son – to empty himself of his pure nature of divinity …

~ Heb 1:2-3

~ Phil 2:6-8

♫ “Ivory Palaces” ♫
♫ “If That Isn’t Love” ♫

And when the fullness of time had come, and the Son was sent from His glory in heaven, and the baby was born – (as one writer put it) “God Came Near”

~ John 1:14

And the fulfillment of the promise made before time began could be seen as the “Light of God” by those who were looking, like Simeon was when he saw the child being brought to the Temple to be presented to the LORD …

~ Luke 2:29-32

♫ “Jesus, Name Above, All Name” ♫
♫ “Shine on Us” ♫

And now we, too, are the beneficiaries of the promise made before time began which was fulfilled in the advent of the Son of God!

♫ “You Are My All In All” ♫

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